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I’m Cindy

Here is my story

My father never knew a stranger, now, everyone is a stranger.

He has always been a very outgoing, very open, and fun man. Now he can’t hold a conversation. Always active in all our activities as a child as well as his grandkids, now he can’t remember the names of his grandkids. He never sat around, was always active and loved fishing and sitting and soaking up the sun. Now he can’t remember how a fishing rod works. It has been 10 years since he started to repeat things and forget things and now Alzheimer’s has taken my father away. I look forward to those moments of clarity and memory. Those days when you look in his eyes and know he is really in there are the days I cherish the most. He is still the wonderful man he always was, but only a shadow of that remains. I hope for a cure someday so others don’t have to watch their family members drift away. If there is any side to this that is forgiving, it is that they don’t know what is happening to them.